About Us 

ACRA-Floors & More is a company that has been involved with Raised Flooring for over 20 years.  We are the main dealer for MERO-TSK in Ireland were we do "supply only" or "supply with installation" of our flooring systems to suit your requirements.  ACRA have now added the MERO-TSK Rack and containment to our ranges.

ACRA-Floors & More -offer a complete flooring package from raised flooring, to floor coverings and floor paints.  We also do floor covering restoration and supply of cleaning products.

ACRA-Floors & More gained it's vast experience in the raised floor sector throughout Europe whilst installing RAF systems for MERO-TSK and other companies. After returning to Ireland we decided that it was a natural progression for our company to expand our services further into the floor coverings and floor paints sectors, thereby offering a one stop shop for your flooring requirements.

At ACRA we can offer a complete fit out package where we also supply & install stud partitions and hung ceiling systems.

We have now decided that the next natural progression for ACRA-Floors & More is to offer cleaning products.  Through our long experience with the flooring sector we find that this is another sector which we find ourselves involved in.  We carryout deep cleaning to existing floor coverings and our clients have been surprised on how their old covering turns out.


At ACRA-Floors & More we strive to offer the best in quality products and in workmanship. Our quality objectives are to complete projects in accordance with the agreed program, specification to the highest standards of quality and efficiency whilst ensuring that client, statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with. Our MERO-TSK systems are produced to German precision and are a high quality product.  All materials used are sourced from high quality suppliers and use renewable, sustainable sourses. Systems supplied come with all the required certification, such as LEED, BREEM etc and a full "back up" service from ACRA-Floors & More and MERO-TSK.


It is ACRA's enviromental policy to implement environmental best practice in meeting our contractual requirements and to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992, the Waste Management Acts 1996 and 2001 and the regulations made under these acts, thereby complying with EU requirements. We can offer Raised flooring system which have a low impact to the enviroment when calcuated in the LEED, BREAM requirements.


It is ACRA's safety policy to comply with all statutory and regulatory safety requirements and to secure, as far as is reasonable practicable, a workplace that is safe and healthy for all our our employees and all other personnel who may be affected by our activities.

Please feel free to contact us with your queries, big or small.  If you have an existing floor system and require replacement do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.