Interxion - Datahall

Main Contractor - Structuretone

Project consists of 2 data hall tech rooms and office area.

The two Datahalls are fitted out using our MERO-TSK type 5NB38/R with a HPL 577 factory finish panel.

Due to the heavy loading of the transformers we were asked to install a heavier system to take the extra loadings.  For the transport ways we installed our MERO-TSK Type2 -600SX-6NB40 with a HPL 577 factory finished panel.  This system has a 20kN point load and includes our panel locking system for horizontal loadings.  Our flat pack Cabinet frame system (Type2 -Cabinet) was also supplied & fitted in the Plant rooms.

We supplied our A/C panels with a sliding damper which are finished with the same HPL 577 covering giving a much better aesthetics to the overall look of the Data Hall.

To the office areas, we suppied and installed our "Combi T" Hollow floor system to the areas where vinyl & ceramic tiles were being applied thereby giving savings on overall materials and installation times.  The main office areas were fitted out with our standard Type 5 -wood core panels.

Digital Reality Trust - Datahall

Profile Park

Clondalkin, Dublin

Located within a modern business park in an outstanding location, just 20 minutes from Dublin city centre, Profile Park, DRT Datahalls provides approximately 8,000 square metres of net technical space across 4 buildings.

MERO-TSK developed a raised floor panel to meet DRT requirements for their Datahalls and works with DRT throughout the world.

ACRA supplied & installed the MERO-TSK system to Profile Park on time and on Budget.

Bennett Construction were the main contractors for Phase 1.

Primary Care Unit

Location; Schull, Co Cork

Project; Floor coverings, Wall cladding, Corner protection, Clean & seal coverings

Project size; 1350m.sq approx

Coverings; Mipolam & Tarasafe Standard

Wall Cladding; Taradouche anti-bacterial wall vinyl

Corner protection; Gerflor.

ACRA carried out the full flooring contract from concrete prep to clean & seal of the floor coverings.

Ard Realt

Location; Bantry (Hospital Area)

Discription of work; Uplift & replace existing covering to Bedroom Shower/Wet room;

We uplifted existing covering and applied a new screed to the subfloor.

The Bedroom was fitted out with a Gerflor Troplan with a "Set-in-skirting" in lou of capping & coving detail.

In the Shower/Wet room we fitted Elegance Aqua Patission which has a "bare foot" anti-slip properties. This was cove up behind the existing Whiterock sheeting.

ESB Projects

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