Racks and Containment

ACRA-Floor & More have now added their MERO-TSK Racks & Containment to their range of services. As MERO already have these as part of their wide range of product, we have decided that it would be a natural progression for our company to offer these RACK to widen our horizons.

Technical Design Expertise

At ACRA we can call on our partners who have an expert team of more than 20 designer engineers with nearly 30 years experience in the industry. Their expertise in high-end network cabinet design has contributed to theri outstanding capabilities in all areas of design, processing, R&D and manufacturing. MERO-TSK also employ the most rigorous production and quality processes to ensure that all of their high-end electrical cabinet products are designed and manufactured to the highest technical standard.

Production Capabilities

Our partners now have a front-line staff of more than a hundred staff, which more than 30% of whom hold undergraduate degree or higher qualification. We can thus provide our customers with the best quality product and technical support. Our advanced processing equipment is all first rate, featuring a total of 3 nos of Bystronic laser cutting machines, 6 nos of CNC punch presses, 15 nos of Amanda bending machines, a Panasonic welding robot, and a Koyo flatbed spot welder.

ACRA personnel have undergone training with our partner to ensure our clients are receiving the best in quality & support.

Should you have any queries. or require assistance with the design or your Datahall requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us